Here comes the MBA

In many countries, people debate the professional merits of an MBA. But in India, people are doing MBAs not just to up their chances in the competitive job market but also to make themselves more eligible in the even-more-gruelling marriage market.

Is that because these qualifications are exclusive and well respected in the country – a sign of economic and social status? Quite the opposite. It is ‘qualification inflation’ that makes the business degree an essential for any would-be bride or groom. Read more

Being recognised by Bollywood is often the ultimate accolade for anything in India – an issue, a person, a business. But the folks at India’s number one matrimonial website seem admirably unfazed by the imminent launch next year of a Bollywood romcom, ‘Running‘. Read more

Multinationals are never slow to spot a branding opportunity. Everywhere from the local supermarket to the Olympic Games has become familiar territory. But India has managed to come up with a new possibility – the wedding reception.

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