Yao Ming

For the rich Chinese entrepreneur who has everything: a vineyard in Burgundy, Hunter Valley or Napa. For the rest of us? A share in a wine investment fund that can spread our risk a bit. Who wants to put all their grapes in one basket?

Chinese private equity firm Hina Group has launched the $100m Hina Vineyard Fund to raise money from rich Chinese who want a share of the mainland wine boom without having to traipse around muddy fields picking out their vines. Read more

Being tall is a big deal in China. Some parents send their children to summer holiday camps specifically tailored to making them taller. Jobs often specify a minimum height. Leg lengthening, though illegal, is still on offer. The Chinese are definitely heightist.

So Yao Ming, the retired NBA centre who stands 7 foot 6 inches tall, has always had a bit of an advantage in his home country – and not just on the basketball court. He sponsors countless products and good causes; he is one of few mainlanders to rise to stardom in a foreign sport; it would be hard to think of a physique and a name more recognisable than his. Read more