YPF bond

As Argentina’s economy enters crisis mode with the peso crumbling, nobody is watching more closely than the management of Repsol and its shareholders.

On January 29 the Repsol board will meet, as it does on the last Wednesday of every month. On the agenda will be the finer details of a proposal by the Argentinian government to compensate Repsol for having nationalised its controlling stake in Argentina’s biggest oil firm, YPF, in May 2012. Read more

Looking for a new way to save? Nationalised energy company YPF wants to sell Argentines more than petrol and diesel. Now it wants to sell them bonds, too.

The company, seized from Spain’s Repsol in April, has been tapping the local capital market heavily in recent months. The new peso bond will be the first to specifically target small, retail investors. (In past issues, YPF has targeted institutional investors in pesos or in bonds issued in pesos but linked to the dollar.) Read more