Daily Archives: March 7, 2007

It is amazing what a little light can do. Two lists of advisers were published by the European Commission this week. One was trotted out very happily by Jose Manuel Barroso, the president, the names of a new advisory group on energy and climate change. The other was quietly slipped out after months of pressure. It is that of the 53 special advisers to the 27 commissioners.

There are some interesting names on both. Barroso’s top team includes Peter Sutherland, ex-commissioner and chairman of BP, the energy company, and the ubiquitous Sir Nicholas Stern, whose report on the economics of climate change convinced many political skeptics.

It also boasts Nicolas Hulot, the TV presenter-turned-green-activist who has been courted by the two French presidential frontrunners, and other worthies.The two most colourful figures on the special adviser list , Rolf Linkohr and Dina Akkelidou, have already been asked to leave.

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