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the 30 power players

Inside Brussels: the 30 power players

Find out which 30 people matter most in the EU capital, in the FT’s guide to who really holds policy-making influence both in public and behind the scenes. Share your views below and leave us your suggestions for the 30 eurostars. Read more

As surely as night follows day, a low turnout in this week’s European Parliament elections will be followed by the usual hand-wringing about the European Union’s “democratic deficit”.  How much longer can the EU continue as a project controlled by elites and disregarded by the masses, whose only role seems to be to wreak occasional havoc by rejecting EU treaties in referendums?  How can European political and economic integration flourish without an integrated European public opinion? Read more

European elections

European elections

Unemployment and economic insecurity will be uppermost in people’s minds when voters in 27 countries start going to the polls on Thursday to elect a new European parliament in the biggest multi-national election in history. Read more