Daily Archives: July 31, 2009

Tony Barber

The Spanish press is dominated by Eta’s attack in Mallorca, which left two police officers dead. El País reports that José Antonio Alonso, spokesperson for the ruling PSOE party, says there is “zero” chance of dialogue with the Basque separatist group. El Mundo, meanwhile, says the incident marks “50 years of terror, 50 years of blood and 50 years of fear”.

One of the big stories in France today is the announcement of Renault’s huge first-half loss of €2.71bn. According to Le Figaro, these are the worst results in the company’s history, far beyond the 12.5bn francs lost in 1984 (equivalent to €1.9bn today). France’s second biggest carmaker has been the victim not only of the economic crisis, the paper reports, but also of its ties with Nissan, Avtovaz and AB Volvo. The FT also has the story.
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