Daily Archives: March 29, 2010

Now that Greece has dealt with its fiscal emergency, it can turn its attention to another impending crisis: the physical fitness crisis.

A new survey published by the European Commission reveals that Greece scores at the bottom – along with Bulgaria and Italy – of a ranking of member states by sports participation. Just 3 per cent of Greeks play sports regularly, a fact that woud surely make the ancients pole vault in their graves. By contrast, Ireland came top of table with 23 per cent, closely trailed by the Nordic countries. Read more

Understandably overshadowed by the Greece rescue agreement last week was the much smaller piece of news that Lady Ashton’s spokesman, Lutz Güllner, is stepping aside. He is departing just four months into her new job as Europe’s first foreign policy chief.

At first reading, this seems like further fallout from Lady Ashton’s rough early tenure, in which she’s come under attack for everything from a weak response to the Haiti crisis to a poor command of French. But I think it tells us something more. Read more