Daily Archives: April 19, 2010

Tony Barber

Europe’s volcanic ash emergency is, if I may say so, a lot of hot air rather than a genuine threat to the economy.  It means that a couple of million people failed to show up at work on Monday - but so what?  To us Europeans, there’s nothing so unusual about that.

After all, the Icelandic volcano erupted at the fag end of Europe’s astonishingly long Easter break – a luxurious stretch of two and a half weeks, no less.  When you get holidays as long as that, the temptation to stay away from work on the first Monday back, and inhale one more time on Europe’s opiate way of life, can be pretty strong. Read more

America and Europe meet midway (Clive Crook, FT)

Whatever happened to the G20? (Katinka Barysch, Centre for European Reform blog) Read more