Daily Archives: April 26, 2010

In this FT video, Victor Mallet, Madrid bureau chief, follows the migrant trail from Tangiers, north Morocco, to an immigration camp in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta and across the mouth of the Mediterranean to southern Spain.

He sees how the regions’ economic ties and the financial crisis have shaped the lives of millions of migrants.  Read more

Tony Barber

If the Greek debt crisis is teaching the European Union some harsh lessons about the design of its monetary union, no less serious is the message coming from Ukraine about the effectiveness of EU foreign policy.  Viktor Yanukovich, Ukraine’s newly elected president, agreed a deal with President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia last week that gave Moscow a 25-year extension of the right to station its Black Sea fleet in Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.  In return, Ukraine secured a 30 per cent cut in the price of Russian gas deliveriesRead more

Greece is Europe’s very own subprime crisis (Wolfgang Münchau, FT)

Greek aid depends on budget cut plans (FT reporters, FT) Read more