Daily Archives: July 22, 2010

Tony Barber

For better or worse, my time is up as Brussels bureau chief for the Financial Times, so this is my last post on this blog.  My successor, Peter Spiegel, will arrive in September.  I wish him, and all the readers and contributors to the Brussels Blog, the very best.

Leaving Brussels after three years feels rather like exiting an intensely gripping drama at the end of Act III instead of staying to the end.  The fate of Polonius in Hamlet comes to mind.  What was his sententious advice to his son?  ”Neither a borrower nor a lender be/ For loan oft loses both itself and friend/ And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.”  Now there’s something for Angela Merkel and George Papandreou to chew on.

In Brussels there are days when you feel the European Union is a magnificent creation, one of the most inspired experiments in mankind’s history.  Then there are days when you feel disgusted by the pettiness, the short-sightedness, the incoherence of it all.  As followers of this blog will know, I count myself a European in heart and soul and I desperately want the EU to succeed. Read more