Daily Archives: September 30, 2010

Great news for the Vatican’s diplomats: Google has added Latin as one of the languages in its computer-translation service.

Google Translate is like a guilty secret in the corridors of Brussels: everyone uses it, but no-one dares admit it lest their lacunae in German, French or Estonian should expose them as bad Europeans. Linguistic ability is an essential trait for career success in an institution which has 23 official languages.

Google’s online translations are far from perfect, as even its engineers admit. But for those keen to get the gist of an official document or browse the newspaper headlines from across Europe, it is an invaluable service.

That Brussels should have become a beneficiary of Google Translate seems only fair as it was an unwitting backer to the service at its inception. Read more

Peter Spiegel

Fresh off Turkey’s recent national referendum approving constitutional reforms officials hope will move the country closer to EU membership, Ankara’s chief EU negotiator, Egemaen Bagis, was making the rounds in Brussels this week in an attempt to restart the stalled effort. Read more