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Put it down to all those bankers and Eurocrats: Luxembourgers are once again Europe’s richest citizens.

The Grand Duchy’s gross domestic product per person is 283 per cent of the EU average, according to 2010 data released this morning by Eurostat — itself based in Luxembourg. That’s a whopping 6.6 times larger than Bulgaria, the bloc’s laggard, whose GDP per person is a mere 43 per cent of EU output.

That gap between richest and poorest is 0.2 points larger than last year both because Luxembourg’s GDP share rose (from 272 per cent) and Bulgaria’s dropped (from 44 per cent). All figures are adjusted for purchasing power changes, so exchange rates don’t factor in.

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Peter Spiegel

Acting IMF chief John Lipsky arrives for EU meetings in Luxembourg on Monday

Did the International Monetary Fund really mean to take a swipe at Europe’s continued bickering over how to deal with private holders of Greek bonds? According to John Lipsky, the Fund’s acting managing director, the tough language may have been the result of an editing hiccup. Read more