Daily Archives: November 15, 2011

Peter Spiegel

Monti, at a press conference in Rome Monday

In today’s newspaper, we have a piece on presumptive Italian prime minister Mario Monti as viewed from Brussels, with special attention to comments and writings he’s made as one of the most prominent members of the Brussels think tank circuit.

As we pointed out in the story, his views on what ails Europe have been there for all to see for some time, but Brussels Blog wanted to draw specific attention to a symposium he spoke at just a few weeks ago sponsored by the Polish presidency and the Bureau of European Policy Advisors, the European Commission’s in-house think tank.

At the conference, Monti gives a pretty thorough analysis of what ails Italy and the need for cross-party political pain. But he also goes out of his way to lavish praise on the US Congress’s so-called “super committee” that is currently just a week away from a self-imposed deadline to come up with a bipartisan budget-overhaul plan.

Because we did not have enough space in the newspaper to delve into Monti’s comments more fully, some extended excerpts after the jump. Read more