Daily Archives: February 22, 2008

John Gapper

I posted yesterday on Barack Obama’s use of the internet for campaigning and fund-raising. It would be remiss not also to mention John McCain’s website, which includes a fun blog from the campaign trail by his daughter Meghan and two of her friends.

Given that 71-year-old Mr McCain is getting stick from the talk show hosts at the moment for looking like a doddering old man, it is rather astute to get his daughter in on the act. Read more

John Gapper

For some reason I do not understand, our transfer of blog publishing platforms appears to have stopped my previous RSS feed working. But it works fine if you re-subscribe (there are various  options below right). End of announcement.

Update: the feed that has stopped is http://feeds.feedburner.com/typepad/gapperblog. That figures, I suppose. We have moved from Typepad to WordPress. Read more

John Gapper

I agree with David Pogue that the time limits imposed by Hollywood studios on film rental downloads are irritating.

Studios are now allowing consumers to download and watch films for a limited period on devices such as TiVo hard disk recorders and Apple TVs.

But the time limit for viewing rented films once you have downloaded them are that you have to start watching within 30 days and, once you have started, you have 24 hours more to complete the film.

I fell foul of these limits the very first time I tried out downloading a film to watch on my Apple TV last week. Read more