Daily Archives: January 6, 2009

John Gapper

These are depressing times but it is distressing to see how many financiers and business people affected by the credit crisis are being driven to suicide.

One public case occurred before Christmas when Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet, a French fund-of-funds manager based in New York, killed himself after investing $1.4bn of client money (apparently including $50m of his own) with Bernard Madoff. Read more

John Gapper

Having criticised Steve Jobs of Apple in the past for failing to disclose to investors what was wrong with him, I have to say that I think he has done all that can be expected of him for now.

Mr Jobs’ statement yesterday that his weight loss is due to a hormone disorder that means he has not been digesting food properly has failed to still the speculation. Jeff Bercovici notes that both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times this morning have interviews with doctors that raise further questions. Read more

John Gapper

It is a small world. Who should I come across in Manhattan this evening but Bernie Madoff?

Actually, that is not strictly true. I had to hang around for five minutes or so to see him appear at his apartment building, returning from his day in court at which prosecutors tried to have his bail revokedRead more