Daily Archives: January 15, 2009

John Gapper

Like pretty much everyone else, I feel plenty of sympathy for Steve Jobs, who is now taking leave from Apple until the summer because his medical condition, whatever it may be, turns out to be “more complex than I originally thought”.

Having said that, I give up.  Ten days ago, I wrote here that Mr Jobs appeared to have done all he could reasonably be expected to do to clarify things for Apple investors. Now it seems that Mr Jobs’ statement at the time is inoperative. Read more

John Gapper

Further to my column, Dick Parsons’ likely appointment as Citigroup chairman raises the question of whether his time at Dime Savings Bank in the 1990s taught him how to be a banker.

I don’t know the answer to that, but it is interesting to read the story in the New York Times in 1990 marking his appointment. One notable thing is that the similarities with today’s housing and financial market (albeit on a smaller scale):