Daily Archives: February 9, 2009

John Gapper

I have just watched Jeff Bezos (and Stephen King) introduce the Kindle 2 at the Morgan Library in New York. It had the feel of an event at which people were just waking up to the possibility of an entirely new category of device or software, like Windows 3 or the Apple iPod.

The attendance at the launch certainly suggested that. Quite a large auditorium was packed with journalists, publishers,  photographers and assorted hangers-on and, after the presentation had finished, there was a crowd of people hanging around to try out the device. Read more

John Gapper

Lloyd Blankfein’s opinion piece for the FT on the lessons for Wall Street from the financial crash is thoughtful and well worth a read.

Among the striking suggestions he makes are that hedge funds and all financial vehicles that are an integral part of the financial system should be regulated to some degree, and that, if a trader and a risk manager at an bank disagree, the latter’s view should always prevail. Read more