Daily Archives: March 9, 2009

John Gapper

David Carr’s column this morning recommending that newspapers band together to stop giving away their content on the web will no doubt raise the hackles of Jeff Jarvis, Felix Salmon and those who are viscerally opposed to papers charging online readers.

Be that as it may, I thought the most intriguing point he made was about advertising markets, which sell ad space on behalf of internet publishers, but have been delivering low yields because of the excess of supply over demand: Read more

John Gapper

Vanessa Friedman, the FT’s fashion editor, has an interesting piece this morning about the return of Yves Saint Laurent to profitability after a long, long time.

She notes in the middle that: Read more

John Gapper

My colleague Martin Wolf has written a characteristically magisterial piece today to start the FT’s series on the future of capitalism, which I of course recommend.

I also liked his reference to the Wizard of Oz at the end: Read more