Daily Archives: October 5, 2009

John Gapper

Is that a mea culpa I read from Michael Milken?

Not on the face of it. Mr Milken, pioneer of high-yield bonds and early backer of leveraged buy-outs, insists in an article in today’s FT that the old principles of financial markets still obtain, despite the upheavals of the past year: Read more

John Gapper

The past few days have not been kind to Nikki Finke, the blogger who has established a reign of terror over Hollywood studios and executives.

First, she (along with everyone else) was beaten to the story that Comcast may take a 51 per cent stake in NBC Universal, by her arch-rival Sharon Waxman, who runs the website The Wrap. Ms Finke pilloried the  story at first but then had to concede that it was sort of trueRead more