Daily Archives: March 15, 2010

Richard Milne

An alliance of two losers?

That is too harsh a pronouncement on the news that Daimler and Renault are talking about a possible cross-shareholding. Nevertheless it does seem striking that the two European carmakers that probably performed worst in the recent crisis are talking about propping each other up. Read more

Tony Tassell

Good, clear analysis from author Michael Lewis on last night on 60 Minutes on how Wall Street is currently coining it, taking advantage of the largesse of government support for markets.

This is hardly new for FT readers but as always, but the writer of Liar’s Poker was in typically trenchant form on the banks:  Read more

Richard Milne

Quotas are always controversial.  So Deutsche Telekom’s announcement on Monday that it is introducing a target to have 30 per cent of its top and middle management drawn from women by 2015 is likely to provoke a big debate.

But, quota or not, the German telecom group’s move makes far more sense than competing quotas in countries such as Norway.

That is because it focuses on executives, not non-executives. To recap, Norway has led the way with imposing a 40 per cent quota of female non-executive directors on its biggest companies. Read more