Daily Archives: March 16, 2010

Louise Lucas

Demanding the US administration label China a currency manipulator is an old chestnut, and not one that improves with age.

One, the label is self-evident: by definition any non free-floating currency is “manipulated”. The more pertinent issue is whether the currency is under-valued; the answer to that – calculations of multilateral institutions and certain US think-tanks notwithstanding – is less clear-cut.

Two, Washington does not set Chinese monetary policy. If it did, it might pause to consider the wisdom of compelling its biggest creditor to inflate its currency. Since a 5 per cent appreciation would lop, say, $70bn off the value of its largely US dollar-denominated $2,400bn foreign exchange reserves, that might temper Beijing’s appetite for US Treasuries. And three, renminbi appreciation would make barely a whit of difference to US jobs or business. Read more

Jonathan Guthrie

A bust-up between British Airways and trades unionists is a top business story in the UK this morning. What makes the dispute cat nip for news journalists is its political dimension. The ruling Labour Party and the opposition Tories are neck-and-neck in the polls as they head towards an anticipated May 6 general election. Looming strikes – and ministers’ responses to them – are therefore seen as potentially swaying voters.

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