Daily Archives: May 14, 2010

John Gapper

Connie Bruck’s New Yorker profile of Haim Saban, the Hollywood producer who made his fortune by bringing the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from Japan to the US, is well worth reading for its portrait of this restless and ruthless entrepreneur.

The centrepiece is the story of how Mr Saban outwitted first Rupert Murdoch and then Michael Eisner, the former chief executive of Disney, in negotiations over the Fox Family Channel, helped by his impeccable political connections: Read more

John Gapper

If one of the problems with credit rating agencies is that they are officially endorsed by the US government, the solution is presumably not to reinforce their seal of approval.

Yet that is what the Senate has voted to do by establishing a new Credit Rating Agency Board which would decide which rating agencies are qualified to rate structured bonds and then pick which of these qualified agencies do the job in each case. Read more