Daily Archives: March 24, 2011

John Gapper

We all know that the world’s economic centre of gravity is moving east as India and China grow rapidly, but Danny Quah of the London School of Economics has managed to draw a map of it. Read more

Andrew Hill

If you read anybody on the reputational threats facing McKinsey, it should probably be Walter Kiechel. As author of the definitive history of strategy consulting, The Lords of Strategy, he knows a lot about what goes on inside consultants’ heads.

On the Harvard Business Review blog, he’s used his knowledge and the latest revelations from the Galleon insider trading trial to explore “the beguilements…. beckoning to consultants over the last two decades”, in search of a better understanding of how Rajat Gupta, former head of McKinsey, “could have gotten himself into the current mess”.

(Gupta, who left McKinsey in 2007, is accused of sharing information, acquired in 2008 when he was a director of Goldman Sachs and Procter & Gamble , with Galleon founder Raj Rajaratnam. His lawyer has said the Securities and Exchange Commission’s civil charges of insider trading are “baseless”.) Read more

Two weeks ago, I had what I thought was a clever idea. I owned an iPhone that I had not been using in New York because I did not want to pay AT&T’s data charges of up to $45 per month for e-mail and browsing. Why not just connect it to the network on a voice plan and use it for this alone when not in WiFi range?