Daily Archives: April 7, 2011

Andrew Hill

The acquisition of a minority stake in Liverpool football club by US basketball star LeBron James looks high on (self-)publicity and low on detail to me. Here’s the FT:

James’s LRMR Marketing & Branding group will take a “minority interest” in the club as part of a sponsorship deal agreed with Fenway Sports Management, a subsidiary of FSG [Liverpool's owner]. Financial terms were not disclosed.

This is a long way from a deal to use some of the Miami Heat star’s millions to build a new stadium for the UK club, or apply his business acumen to ensuring its survival. Read more

I once hitched a ride on a Gulfstream jet (purely for research purposes, obviously) and enjoyed the experience of being flown in a leather-trimmed cabin at nearly 50,000ft, escaping the turbulence buffeting the commercial aircraft far below. It felt as if I had joined the elite group that lives by different rules to ordinary folk.