Daily Archives: June 2, 2011

John Gapper

Groupon, the online coupon business, has jumped on the internet bandwagon by filing for an initial public offering, and the figures it discloses in its S-1 filing are astonishing in various ways.

In short, Groupon is  growing like crazy in terms of number of users and offers, while losing money at an eye-watering rate. To make up for the latter, it has come up with an ingenious way of smartening up its figures.

The S-1 filing shows that Groupon had 83m subscribers at the end of March and its revenues rose from a total of $713m in 2010 to $645m in the first quarter of 2011 alone. Read more

John Gapper


Microsoft has just unveiled some details of its future Windows 8 operating system and, while good-looking, it shows signs of the traditional Microsoft compromises to keep faithful to past versions.

A video shown at the D9 conference on Wednesday shows the new “tiles” that are Microsoft’s way of making it easy for users on its planned generation of tablets to navigate their way around. It clearly hopes that Windows 8 will allow it to catch up with Apple’s iPad.

In the background, however, is the familiar Windows file manager architecture for navigating applications – you can see it switch between the two in the video. Microsoft is thus layering something new on top of something old. Read more

The only thing on which companies and investors seem able to agree about initial public offerings is not to trust investment banks.

Peter Thiel, a Facebook director and Silicon Valley venture capitalist, told the Financial Times this week that bankers had “screwed up” the IPO of LinkedIn by setting the price too low, only for the shares to rise 109 per cent on their first day of trading. At the same time, BlackRock, the institutional investor, complained of banks pricing IPOs too high in the UK to amass fees.