Daily Archives: September 20, 2011

Andrew Hill

Most companies aim to get bigger. But beyond a certain point, bigness becomes synonymous with badness. Think of Big Pharma, Big Auto, Big Oil.

Worse, if you are regularly described as one of the Big Four, Five or Six in any business sector, you are probably already in the sights of regulators and lawmakers.

This demonisation of corporate girth is nothing new. I can’t find a source for this image – which Marc Gunther uses to illustrate a blogpost about the growing power of US big business – but I’d say it dates from the first half of the last century, and there are plenty more where it comes from. Read more

The $2.3bn trading scandal at UBS – uncannily similar, it seems, to the €4.9bn hole uncovered by Société Générale in 2008 – makes me wonder whether corporate boards have fully appreciated the risks of relying on risk managers.