Daily Archives: January 30, 2012

Andrew Hill

Politicians would like to think that Stephen Hester’s decision to give up his bonus marks the start of a mass renunciation of “excessive pay” by private sector bosses. It is certainly time the UK corporate and political world moved on and refocused on what is really important: i.e. how to restore growth. But far from starting a trend, the Royal Bank of Scotland CEO’s case is unique. Here are three reasons why: Read more

John Gapper

It is rare for customer service to be so good as to take one’s breath away but Swiss Federal Railways achieved it on Sunday by making a personal stop for me when I boarded the wrong train.

On my way back from the World Economic Forum in Davos, I had to change at Zurich’s main station to get to the city’s airport. Lacking in concentration after a long week, I got on a train on the left side of one platform instead of the right and found myself heading swiftly along Lake Zurich in the opposite direction.

My fellow passengers informed me that I would have to stay on the wrong train for up to an hour before I could get one back to Zurich, thus ensuring that I would miss my flight to London. Gloom descended. Read more