Daily Archives: February 27, 2012

Andrew Hill

When Texas congressman and US Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul accused his rival Rick Santorum of being “fake” during last week’s televised debate, Mr Santorum pinched himself and said: “I’m real, Ron, I’m real,
I’m real.”

Andrew Hill

What does the march of women into senior executive positions look like? Something like this, according to a new Thomson Reuters report:

Progress to the C-suite: the steeper, the better

Each triangle represents one of the 1,965 companies in the Asset4 global database of environmental, social and governance information. If the proportion of female managers out of total management were the same as the proportion in the workforce, the lines would cut the graph in two, bottom-left to top-right. But the lines remain shallow, despite a slight improvement between 2005 and 2010.

As I’ve written recently, an obsession with boardroom quotas is a distraction. Groups that want to fish in a deeper talent pool – and improve innovation and corporate performance – should be more worried about the shallow gradient of these executive lines. Read more

John Gapper

It sounds technical but I find the most intriguing aspect of the newly redesigned Bloomberg financial information service is the search engine.

I went to a presentation in New York today on Bloomberg Next, a simplified and restructured version of its $20,000 a year service, to hear how it intends the $100m initiative to keep adding subscriptions in a tough market. Read more