Daily Archives: July 2, 2012

John Gapper

Apple $60m settlement with Proview Technology of Shenzhen, the manufacturing city in the Pearl River delta, to gain undisputed control of its iPad trademark, shows how tricky controlling intellectual property in China remains.

China is still stuck between its official policy of moving to more innovation and protection of intellectual property and the sketchier reality on the ground. It remains very easy to buy knock-off Apple phones and components in the Pearl River. Read more

Andrew Hill

Kodak's headquarters. Image by Getty.

The timing of the demise of the online Kodak Gallery, just two days before the July 4th holiday in the US, is both sad and apposite. Millions of digital photos will still be taken on Independence Day – you just won’t be able to store, share and reprint from them via the Kodak Gallery websites any longer.

At noon Pacific Time on Monday July 2, the US version will move all the photos stored there to new owner Shutterfly. At the same moment (8pm British Summer Time), the UK site will simply be switched off. Never has the greeting “Dear valued Kodak Gallery member” – on the email I received four days ago announcing the UK shutdown – sounded more hollow. Read more