Daily Archives: October 1, 2012

John Gapper

How many eager young bankers is too many?

The question is raised by an FT report that the number of MBA recruits to banking is falling, less as a result of the job being unpopular than the possibility it won’t last.

Tom Braithwaite notes that the former enthusiasm for investment banking has eased among MBA graduates:

“The Wharton school at the University of Pennsylvania, which bankers consider the “conveyor belt of Wall Street”, sent 16.6 per cent of its class to investment banks in 2011 compared with more than one in four in 2008. The pattern is similar at other large business schools.”

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Andrew Hill

Xstrata’s novel decision to allow its investors to uncouple their vote on whether to approve retention payments from their vote on whether to back a merger offer from Glencore is fascinating.

But it seems to me that Glencore and Xstrata are polling the wrong people. If it is true, as Xstrata chairman Sir John Bond and the non-executive directors say, that “without the ability to retain key Xstrata managers to run the combined group’s mining operations… the value proposition of the combined entity is at risk”, shareholders are still short of a piece of vital information. Read more