Daily Archives: November 8, 2012

Andrew Hill

Justin Welby. Image by PA

The odds are that Justin Welby, the Bishop of Durham, will be named the next Archbishop of Canterbury. Such are the rumours that a company would have stopped trading in its shares and issued a statement by now, but that’s not how things are done in the Church of England.

Far from focusing on the bishop’s spiritual qualities, however, much of the coverage so far has homed in on his background: Eton – the same private school as David Cameron, British prime minister – Cambridge university, and then stints as an executive at Elf Aquitaine and Enterprise Oil. Is this relevant?


The Eton-and-Cambridge part of his CV is a red herring, to my mind – there seems no reason why someone from a privileged background shouldn’t be allowed to apply that privilege to perform good works – and Bishop Welby put the executive life behind him when he saw the light and quit business 25 years ago. Even in the oil industry, that is quite a long time. Read more