Daily Archives: November 15, 2012

Andrew Hill

One of the strongest underlying themes of the fourth Global Peter Drucker Forum isn’t even on the formal agenda: education.

Day one of the two-day Vienna conference – which keeps alive the ideas of the late Austrian-born management writer – began with education. In a video message, Drucker’s 101-year-old widow Doris asked “is a college education still a parent’s best investment?” in a fast-changing world.

It continued with education, as Nobel laureate Dan Shechtman asserted that entrepreneurs are not born, but made – in part through courses like his, which teaches Israeli students to launch and run technology start-ups (Tobias Buck’s FT interview with him explains more). It ended with education: Lynda Gratton of London Business School cited it as one of three key challenges that lie ahead for the global economy (the others being climate change and poverty). Read more