Daily Archives: December 12, 2013

Andrew Hill

Come dine with me: Quid's Gourley takes on SAP's Graf (right)

“I refuse to accept that small companies innovate and disrupt and large companies don’t, because that’s fundamentally wrong.”

That was the response of Peter Graf, Silicon Valley-based chief sustainability officer of SAP, to some sustained needling from Sean Gourley, co-founder of Quid, at a debate I chaired last week at the FT’s Innovate America conference on the Stanford campus. (The full video is here – things really start to kick off about eight minutes from the end). Read more

Lucy Kellaway

The next prize in my Golden Flannel Awards 2013 is the COMMUNICATIONS CUP.
This is awarded for the most awful way of suggesting that two people meet, email or talk. As I explained yesterday, I’m asking you to cast your vote below: this year’s awards are truly democratic.

As a renowned thought leader in the jargon space, I am intrigued by this category. Meeting, talking on the phone and emailing are all pretty straightforward, so you wouldn’t have thought new words were needed to describe them. But evidently they are, which explains why this category continues to dazzle and amaze year after year. Previous winners have included: to reach out, to circle back and to revert. All three are terrific, and all are still in use. However, in 2013 there have been many additions of which the best (worst) are: Read more