John Gapper

The possibility of a US government probe into Apple’s fracas with Adobe is fascinating, but it is hard to grasp how it will  – or ought to – succeed.

Apple’s leading position in smartphones, together with Steve Jobs’ insistence on maintaining tight control over what gets sold on Apple’s App Store, is reminiscent of the near-monopoly that Microsoft gained over personal computer operating systems in the 1980s and 1990s. Read more

John Gapper

Steve Jobs has been in the news lately, partly involuntarily due to the mislaying of his next generation iPhone, and partly of his own volition.

His latest piece of communication came this morning with his long post explaining his opposition to Flash, the Adobe video product that he has banned from iPads.

The intriguing aspect of his missive is his insistence that Apple is more open than Adobe in its approach to mobile web standards. This is ironic, since Apple has faced criticism that it operates a closed platform with the iPhone, iPad and iTunes. Read more