John Gapper

Aston Martin recall gives an insight into the supply chains of even luxury carmakers (Bloomberg)

Aston Martin’s recall of most of the cars it has built in the past six years is damaging to the company, but even more damaging for the reputation of parts suppliers in the Pearl River Delta in China. Read more

John Gapper

The protests in the southern Chinese village of Wukan, which has now established its own administration outside the control of Guangdong province, cap an extraordinary year of street protests from the Middle East to Wall Street.

It is worth watching this FT video filmed inside Wukan by Ben Marino, with commentary by Jamil Anderlini, our Beijing bureau chief. It features villagers speaking openly of their defiance of the local and regional Communist Party structure and calling for Beijing to step in.

It reminds me of my visit to Guangdong this autumn, talking to migrant workers who come to the Pearl River Delta to find relatively high-paying jobs. Although they are far better off than their parents, they also see others profiting – sometimes illicitly – from special treatment.  Read more