iPhone 4

John Gapper

Steve Jobs’ apology to customers who have bought an iPhone 4, and offer to supply a free case to alleviate any reception problems, was the right response but the way in which he delivered the message reduced the impact of his climbdown.

Mr Jobs looked exasperated by the fuss over the iPhone 4 losing reception when it is held in a certain way, and his body language and manner gave the impression that he was being forced into something that he did not really believe in. Read more

John Gapper

Everyone makes mistakes but some mistakes are bigger than others and some are emblematic. On the latter scale, Apple’s problem with the iPhone 4 counts as a big error.

The iPhone 4 flaw, according to Consumer Reports and others, is that phone reception is degraded or lost when a user’s hand covers the bottom left of the antenna that encircles the device.

It is, in other words, a problem of industrial design for which Apple has a justly high reputation. Read more