J. Crew

John Gapper

Mickey Drexler, the ebullient chairman and chief executive of J. Crew, has done well out of private equity and will probably do so again. Mr Drexler, who would be integral to the $3bn buyout offer for J. Crew, was first recruited to the clothing company by Texas Pacific in 2003.

As New York Magazine recorded five years ago: Read more

John Gapper

Over-expansion is something that bedevils many public companies, particularly retailers. Under stock market pressure to keep growing rapidly, they lose the quality that originally set them apart.

That has been a problem for many companies, including McDonald’s and Starbucks. It also led to the firing of Mickey Drexler, the former chief executive of Gap, in 2002. Mr Drexler has now made an impressive return to form at J.Crew. Read more