John Gapper

After much speculation, News International this morning released some numbers for how many people are paying to read The Times and The Sunday Times online and they are . . . a start.

The headline number is that 105,000 people have paid money in some form to read the digital editions of the newspapers in the four months since the launch, but that includes some duplication and a lot of people who have paid only to read for a day or two.

For marketing purposes, News International obviously waited until they hit six figures before putting out a number in order not to present a soft target to the digital media folk willing it to fail. (This did not prevent Mathew Ingram at GigaOm immediately declaring it a bust). Read more

John Gapper

Do I detect a dilution of The Guardian’s stance against charging for its digital content?

Well, that’s what I thought I heard from Alan Rusbridger, at a lunch in New York on Tuesday, when he talked about The Guardian’s “mutual” model of journalism and his firm stance against an online paywall of the kind that is soon to be implemented by The Times and The Sunday Times. Read more