John Gapper

Video game designer Mark Cerny talks about the new platform of the Playstation 4. Getty Images

Perhaps there is a method to the madness but I find Sony’s so-called launch of the PlayStation 4 without producing the games console peculiar.

Its executives revealed all kinds of technical details about the new console in New York on Wednesday evening, but did not unveil the thing itself. As the New York Times reported the event:

The console itself was never shown during the two-hour presentation. No release date was given, although before the Christmas holidays is a good possibility. No price was mentioned.

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John Gapper

The message from Kazuo Hirai, the new chief executive of Sony, appears to be “more of the same”. After Howard Stringer, whom he has succeeded, steadily shrunk the Japanese electronics group, Mr Hirai is carrying on cutting.

As first reported by the Nikkei newspaper, Mr Hirai plans to outline about 10,000 further job cuts at Sony. That reinforces the impression that the company that once dominated consumer electronics has yet to come up with a solution to the twin onslaught from Apple and lower-cost competitors. Read more