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John Gapper

David Carr’s column in the New York Times criticising Katharine Weymouth, the publisher of the Washington Post, for her handling of the venerable Watergate paper strikes me as a little off-target.

Carr, the NYT’s respected media columnist, focuses on how Ms Weymouth, niece of Don Graham, the former publisher of the family-controlled paper, provoked the departure of Marcus Brauchli as the Post’s executive editor. He suggests she lacks the gravitas and people-handling skills of Mr Graham:  Read more

John Gapper

The success of the New York Times metered paywall – it has gathered 224,000 digital-only web subscribers in its first four months (as well as 57,000 Nook and Kindle subscribers) – raises one obvious question: who will be next?

I was sure enough that the NYT’s experiment, in which readers who access more than 20 articles a month have to pay a subscription although articles accessed through social media links remain free, would work that I made a bet on it with Felix Salmon, a vociferous sceptic.

Felix backed down gracefully this week, acknowledging that I am extremely likely to win. My bet was that the NYT would have at least 300,000 digital subscribers after two years, so my bet should go into the money fairly soon (and Felix will owe me $100 for every 100,000 NYT digital subscribers above that figure). Read more