Daily Archives: December 4, 2009

Why Copenhagen must be the end of the beginning. Martin Wolf, FT.

Better news from the US jobs market. Jeff Zeleny, NYT.

How polarised is Amerca? Stuart Taylor, National Journal. Stuart writes about Morris Fiorina’s new book.

The Senate: where progressive legislation goes to die. Alan Abramowitz, Crystal Ball. Abramowitz (who by the way has sparred with Fiorina over polarisation) asks why Senate Democrats don’t just abolish the filibuster. He says they could do it by simple majority vote: “All it takes is the political will…” Is it quite that simple?

The filibuster and the constitution, part one. The filibuster and the constitution, part two. Vikram David Amar, FindLaw.

Debate continues over what will happen to health insurance premiums if something like the Senate bill becomes law. One rather frustrating strand of the controversy centres on what the CBO’s recent letter to Evan Bayh on the subject actually means–which doesn’t say much for its clarity. Mickey Kaus took on Ezra Klein and others over this, Kaus arguing that the CBO report says premiums will go up, Klein arguing the opposite. I’m with Klein, though I think it’s something of a phony argument. What both sides are saying is true, just not the whole truth. The squabble is easily resolved by ignoring Kaus and Klein and just looking at what the CBO says.

After I’ve done that, I’ll turn to a more important issue. Is the CBO right?

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