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A great day. I was in West Virginia on Sunday night when we heard the news. Had I been in DC I would have joined the celebration outside the White House–not as a journalist, you understand, but as somebody who felt like cheering.

In the flood of articles about the raid, this piece by Marc Ambinder–The Secret Team That Killed Bin Laden–is something of a coup. It has far more on the unit that undertook the mission than anything else I’ve seen so far.

But what, in the end, does the killing of Bin Laden change? Less, I suspect, than some analysts are arguing.

When Barack Obama talks about fiscal control, the idea he emphasises – often the only one he offers with conviction – is raising taxes on the rich. This gets ovations from Democrats, thrilled that the US president has not sold out entirely. Equally constant is the Republican response: accusations of class warfare and economic vandalism. For all Mr Obama’s fine talk, says the Grand Old Party, Democrats fall back on their traditional job-killing cure-all.

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