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I’m hoisting this valuable comment from Roger Algase in response to my column last week on immigration up to the main page.

The last paragraph of this article, about the need for executive action in favor of liberalizing the immigration system is especially apt. However, few people who do not deal with the immigration system on a day to day basis, which I do as an immigration lawyer, realize how much executive action on immigration there has been since Obama took office. The problem is that almost all of it has been in the direction of making the immigration system harsher and more punitive, with regard to both legal and illegal immigration.

A week ago on Monday the US government hit its statutory debt ceiling of $14,300bn. With outlays running vastly in excess of income, it began “extraordinary measures” to prevent the limit being breached. Until the beginning of August, according to the Treasury, the government can shuffle accounts, for instance by suspending payments to federal retirement and disability funds, so that its debts to third parties stop rising. But on August 2, says the administration, those options run out and there is “no plan B”. The government defaults.

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