Job creation

As I make my way this week to Davos via Riyadh and Zurich, it becomes clear that the chill in the global economy has reached the deserts of Saudi Arabia. I attend a panel at the Saudi Global Competitiveness Forum where each speaker outdoes the next in headlining the many risks of the current downturn and predicting the gravest of consequences.’ Godzilla’ seems to have replaced ‘Goldilocks’ as the defining metaphor for our world markets.

The road to Davos this morning was clear and straight-forward, unlike the many discussions that will take place over the next few days. The dominant topic will, of course, be the global economic crisis, but there will be many other crucial discussions worthy of attention, including stabilising the Middle East, evaluating new methods of food and clean water production, climate change, addressing health care needs for aging populations (and preventing epidemics), poverty, declining education standards, and learning about key areas of technology innovation that can address some of the above issues.

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