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This post, in the Financial Times’ Economists’ Forum, argues that narrow banking is not the answer to systemic fragility. Read more

From the FT:

‘Too big to fail’ is too dumb an idea to keep – John Kay
Obama’s executive pay move is bad policy – Charles Calomiris
Speculators do drive prices, and it’s the developing countries that suffer – Andrew Mold Read more


How did the world economy fall into such a deep hole? It is recovering, but painfully, and after a deep recession, despite unprecedented monetary and fiscal easing. Moreover, how likely is it that a balanced world economy will emerge from this force-feeding? The very fact that such drastic action has been necessary is terrifying. The fact that there is little room for a policy encore is yet more terrifying. Most terrifying of all is that this is not the first time in recent decades the world economy has had to be guided through a post-bubble collapse. Read more