Daily Archives: February 1, 2010

Shankar Acharya

This post is part of  an occasional series on the Indian economy.

Economic policy in India, and perhaps in other countries, is constrained by powerful prevailing myths and prejudices. Sometimes these myths simply reflect lazy thinking or an apparent immunity to facts. Sometimes they are shored up by strong vested interests. Sometimes all three. Whatever the reason it is hard to dispute the potency of myths in economic policy making. Here are my 10 favourites, some old, some new. Read more

From the FT:
America can square its fiscal circle
– Clive Crook
The fight begins
– Editorial comment
How do you say ‘Notice’ in Greek? – Tracy Alloway, FT Alphaville
What the eurozone must do if it is to survive – Wolfgang Munchau
Pension funds and the lure of infrastructure investing – Tony Jackson

From elsewhere:
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Blankfein’s eight-figure bonus – Felix Salmon
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Is Russia’s economic crisis over? – Irina Yasina, Project Syndicate
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