Daily Archives: April 6, 2010

From now on comments on my columns will be appended to the columns themselves. My columns will no longer appear on the Economists’ Forum. We will however continue to publish articles on the Economists’ Forum from other contributors and this week you will be able to read entries on India and on the financial crisis.

I have a new site on ft.com — Martin Wolf’s Exchange — in which I will open discussion on a topic that I am thinking about. My aim will be to elicit views of readers. I will give my own response to the question I have raised, before posting the next issue for discussion. The first post is on Austrian economics, and you can read it here.

By Michael Pomerleano

What are the broader implications of the report on Lehman Brothers issued by the bankruptcy examiner?

The report details the effort to conceal Lehman’s true debt levels through the so-called “Repo 105” structure. It finds “credible evidence” to back a claim that the failure of Dick Fuld, Lehman chief executive, to disclose the transactions was “grossly negligent”. Read more