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We’ve launched this blog to give readers an insight into the Financial Times’ journalism and how we produce our website and newspaper.

Generally, the FT avoids talking about itself. That is partly a desire for impartiality – Lex, for example, does not write about Pearson, our parent company – and partly an attempt to steer clear of media self-absorption. (Or maybe it’s just a cultural thing – British reserve.)

But we also want to be open and accountable. While readers have always been able to write a letter to the editor, we realise that an easier and more collaborative conversation can be had online.

So this blog aims to do a number of things:

- Provide updates on changes to our website, including the phased roll-out of the new design and functionality;

- Explain changes to editorial policy – on online moderation, corrections, and so on – and to discuss how we deal with the dilemmas and mistakes that sometimes arise in the newsroom;

- Discuss individual editoral projects: how we did them, how they work, how well they succeeded – what you thought of them;

- Point out articles on journalism, new media and such like that have caught our attention.

In addition, the blog will republish a weekly staff email written by Lionel Barber, the FT’s editor, highlighting what he sees as the best of the recent output. (It will be redacted, just slightly, to omit commercially-sensitive information and anything else not for public consumption.)

One caveat: this blog does not want to be a one-stop shop for all reader inquries – we probably won’t be able to respond to every comment or question. Here are a few other places you might want to try:

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Editors’ Blog

This blog is no longer updated but it remains open as an archive.

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