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The FT has upgraded its mobile site, in the new design and with improved functionality. It works on any phone, but is optimised for the iPhone and BlackBerry which together account for over 60 per cent of mobile traffic.

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Themes of the Week: Barack Obama is sworn in as 44th president of the US; Gordon Brown unveils a second bail-out for Britain’s banks as Royal Bank of Scotland announces blockbuster losses; John Thain is forced to step down at Merrill after a billion dollar bonus row; sterling slumps further; bad-to-shocking economic data spill out of Japan, South Korea, Singapore and even China.  David Pilling’s words: Shame on the decouplers.

And if you missed the Financial Times or this week, you would have missed the following unique gems:

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The Renegades at the New York ‘Times’ – The All New Issue — New York Magazine

What are these renegade cybergeeks doing at the New York ‘Times’? Maybe saving it.

Following recent increases in the price of the Financial Times newspaper, has raised the price of standard subscription to £2.87 a week. Premium subscription, which includes unlimited access to Lex, the financial column, and a mobile news reader specially designed for Blackberries, now costs £3.83 a week.

Introduction:  The banking crisis deepens as Citigroup opts for break-up and Bank of America/Merrill Lynch seeks federal funds; Israel continues to pound Gaza; Barack Obama follows Lincoln’s path to Washington for his inauguration; and a former KGB agent eyes up buying London’s Evening Standard.

And if you missed the FT or this week, you would have missed the following gems.

by Martin Dickson

The financial tide rolled out a lot further last week leaving, in Warren Buffett’s phrase, a lot more naked swimmers on the beach., a news prediction site, has been comparing the predictions for 2008 made by assorted media organisations – and awarded the FT’s “crack corp of pundits” top marks.

If that success makes you want to take another look what we think lies ahead in 2009, you can find that here.

Been away? Martin Dickson, deputy editor, highlights some of the best stories from the FT since December 15

No shortage of news this December, with Israel’s pummelling of Gaza,  the unfolding of the extraordinary Madoff scandal, and an ever-grimmer mood in economies around the globe during the three weeks covered by this holiday season note.

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