Recent changes to prices and access

Following recent increases in the price of the Financial Times newspaper, has raised the price of standard subscription to £2.87 a week. Premium subscription, which includes unlimited access to Lex, the financial column, and a mobile news reader specially designed for Blackberries, now costs £3.83 a week.’s access model, which allows non-subscribers to view a set amount of content every 30 days, has also been adjusted. Anyone who reads more than three articles in 30 days will need to register on the site (it’s very quick). After more than ten articles in 30 days, they will need to subscribe (that is reduced from 20 articles/month previously).

Amid the rapidly changing economics of the media industry and the rise of digital, the FT continues to believe that quality journalism cannot be funded by advertising alone. The aim of our access model is to open the site to bloggers and other occasional visitors, while ensuring that regular readers pay something towards the cost of the work they consume.

You can find out more about subscription, including bundled print and online deals, here

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